A Little About Us

Notion Strategies is a collective of incredibly talented, diverse and eclectic consultants delivering a broad, multi-market based experience to help organizations address complex growth challenges. With first-hand experience building, scaling and reinventing organizations, we deliver in-depth expertise that brings ideas to life to help change minds and influence public perception. Our comfort with risk has helped us earn the reputation of trusted advisors to the most demanding decision makers from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups. We think our dedication to always stay scrappy and commitment to jump into the trenches with our clients doesn’t hurt either.

We like to think our roots in being a scrappy, hungry, smart and fun group have helped us not only form decades-long business relationships, but also friendships that will last a lifetime. Learn more about our team below.

Our Prime Tenets

We know business. With former in-house leaders and seasoned career consultants, we do feel your pain. We know that you don’t have time to deal with inflexible thinking and inauthentic advisors that make day-to-day interactions painful and, quite often, a waste of time.

We understand the art of storytelling and the importance of the “who” and how that story is communicated.

We have a respect and admiration for the too often underpaid and under-appreciated influencers and journalists who diligently strive to bring credible and relevant stories to readers on impossible deadlines.

We, like many people, share a desire to have more control over our lives and less exploitation of our quality of life as industries expand and government grinds.

We know the value of a powerful workforce and how essential voices within it need to be set free and moved up front.

We embrace our responsibility as community members.

We are driven and scrappy but well-schooled.

We relish the hard work and the challenge.

We are a direct reflection of our people.

These tenets that demonstrate our understanding and empathy also form the excellence of our counsel.

The Notion team leverages remote office technologies to keep our Silicon Valley and Cincinnati offices connected,  and to host clients anytime.

Our Core Values

Know Thyself

We are parents, siblings, children, friends, community volunteers and neighbors, first and foremost.

We value our trusted relationships and we are steadfast in our loyalty to each other.

We are passionate about what we do and humbled to have the opportunity to help great people and great ideas succeed.

Know What is Important

  • Our work is our metric.
  • Our inspiration is our fuel.
  • Our culture is our bedrock.

Keep it Real

  • Push boundaries and get weird.
  • Work with joy.
  • Don’t take yourself or your work too seriously.
  • Be nice for everyone is fighting a battle.