Business Transformation

Notion Strategies helps you solve your most critical business issues, partnering with your team to ensure your organizational goals are effectively understood and executed.

Embracing change is a central component for business success. Today’s business realities require companies to continue operating installed revenue-generating centers while managing existing business processes while juggling the evolving landscape around them.

Notion partners with companies that commit to the 3 essential steps to transformation.

  • Clarify both near and long-term goals
  • Resolve to evolve
  • Leverage external support and expertise

When considering your organization’s path to revenue growth, a full examination of the goals, core business, processes, markets served, valued partnerships, and people involved is the right place to start.


Every business needs a clear understanding of “how the business works“. Lack of clarity and understanding of what makes the business work, leads to all kinds of waste and inefficiency.

Notion’s team will work with you to build a map to help your team align around a model that is understood throughout the organization.


Optimizing your value proposition may be the right path for accelerated growth. When the cost-cutting solutions and upgraded sales technologies have run their course, it’s time to focus on top-line growth.

Revenue growth is powered by a clear understanding of strategic objectives and an effective diagnosis of the underlying causes limiting your performance.


As markets transform overnight and customer needs change at lightning speeds, executives with a clear view of their value-generating customer touch points are better positioned for success.

Staying relevant for customers, and differentiating the experience in the marketplace is mission critical. The team at Notion will help your organization to identify and seize opportunities to generate greater customer value.


Business processes are among the key assets in any organization. Continuous improvement in core processes has become the norm for companies.

Given the complexity of most organizations, companies often do not know where to start. The business experts at Notion become your thought partners in defining the vision, the skills, the goals, and rewards associated with efficiently evolving key business processes.

We Can Help With Your Mission Critical Transition

Partnering with our business management experts is an effective way to advance toward to enhanced opportunities and new ways to better meet customer needs.

Public Affairs & Reputation

Notion provides the critical strategic thinking and planning that today’s organizations demand, with an eye toward thoughtful community stewardship.

Ushering your organization through a strategic planning and positioning process to strengthen your organizational infrastructure and identify opportunities for a bigger public impact is where Notion shines.

Notion provides both energy and impact along many service lines as we partner with companies to define goals for public impact.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Resource Development
  • Coalition Building
  • and more

Notion’s efforts are driven by the goals and objectives of our partners. Leveraging our experience and influence, we can create the outcomes you seek.


Notion creates connections between government leaders and their communities: be it residents, businesses or consumers. With experience as entrepreneurs building our own businesses, as consultants helping companies from start up to F100 navigate their growth, and as former sitting elected legislators, Notion really understands all sides of the issues.

With our grassroots approach, we help organizations find common ground. This includes workshops, surveys, data analysis, content development or planning. We are collaboration advocates, not lobbyists. We understand the bedrock of any successful project or idea is mutual support and understanding.


This is Community with a capital C, the physical communities where we all live, work and play. Working with local commissions, HOAs, ad-hoc committees, local and regional boards and government bodies, student bodies and non-profits, we organize efforts to help communities find a stronger voice on issues that effect their quality of life.

Notions uses strategic content plans to connect communities and engage stakeholders. We work with influencers and with the disenfranchised equally to help find best path to success.


Notion works with corporate and non-profit organizations to drive cause-related campaigns. We do this by extending awareness through tailored distribution and syndication of content. We work with media and influencers to tell engaging stories with credible resources, and work side by side with local and regional leaders to elevate the idea or message so that those leaders can effectively pass laws or achieve a consensus.

Everything we do is focused on bringing people together to make positive change.


Businesses have tremendous impact on their community – children, grandparents, families, rich and poor, renters and owners. CSR programs can be extremely powerful, but they often lack corporate visibility or are not sufficiently resourced to make impactful change. Notion turns CSR programs into brand and revenue drivers, while improving the conditions of surrounding Communities

Notion takes a simple approach to helping build our client’s corporate reputation — preparation for all scenarios for all leaders in the organization and helping each individual (person) executive find their own voice and their most effective story telling style and method. We do look forward to working with trainers and writers representing executives. Great communications and leadership is a true team sport.

Let Us Help You Get Started

Partnering with our business management experts is an effective way to advance toward to enhanced opportunities and new ways to better meet customer needs.