Dave Black

Dave is an entrepreneur and seasoned corporate and business communications specialist.

He co-founded one of the most influential tech communications firms in Silicon Valley and guided it through acquisition. He then served as the San Francisco Bay Area’s Managing Director for a large, multinational communications and public relations agency.

At Notion, Dave specializes in helping companies in transition – be it M&A, IPO, funding milestones, exec changes, repositioning, or digital transformation. Specialties include building and disseminating message platforms, crisis communications, thought leadership, media training, and global expansion.

Dave has worked with Fortune 500, emerging, and hyper growth companies, including Google, LinkedIn, Sony PlayStation, Palo Alto Networks, NetApp, Western Digital, Equinix and others.

  • If I were a kitchen utensil: I would be knife, because the other utensils would be afraid of me.
  • Your superhero power: Knowing which checkout line will move the fastest.
  • Dogs or Cats? Dogs. Cats are too much like people.
  • Tea or Coffee? Coffee. Tea is for the British.
  • Mountains or Beaches? Beaches. Although I’ve never skinny dipped on a mountain before.
  • Mornings or Evenings? Evenings. No great story ever started off with “the craziest thing happened to me last morning.”