Jeff Urquhart

Jeff is a marketing and communications pro specializing in leading and implementing integrated campaigns for enterprise and consumer technology organizations.

With a long history of planning, building and managing strategic marketing communications programs, Jeff takes pride in bringing authentic and creative ideas to life that help influence and motive audiences online and offline.

Jeff co-founded one of the most successful Silicon Valley technology communications firms growing it to more than $18M in revenue and 100+ employees. He has worked with companies ranging from large multinational brands to early stage startups including Sony PlayStation, Dolby, Workday, Western Digital, Citrix, Orb Networks, Google, Fujitsu, Yahoo and Tibco.

  • If I were a kitchen utensil: A spoon, but I get to be the big spoon!
  • Your superhero power: Is snapping your fingers and the house is clean and the kids are ready for bed a super power? If so, I want that.
  • Dogs or Cats? Woof, woof, woof, woof. That means “I would choose a dog” in dog speak. I took a class once.
  • Tea or Coffee? I don’t discriminate between tea or coffee. That’s rude.
  • Mountains or Beaches?Mountains, but only if there’s a lake too. Water makes everything “funner.”
  • Mornings or Evenings? I’ve been trying to get AC/DC to change its song to “You Shook Me All Morning Long” for years. No luck.