Jennifer Day
Developing organizational capabilities that drive innovation and expand future opportunity is what Jennifer does best. With an education in design, Jennifer learned early in her career that applying design principles to business problems could deliver unexpected and transformative results. While she enjoys the big stuff, like helping organizations expand their vision of what is possible, she also likes the challenge of digging into operational problems and finding opportunities to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Jennifer has worked in several industries with companies large and small including Humana, NetApp, Sun Microsystems, Netscape and Visa International. Working on the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, while long ago, is still one of her favorite and most memorable gigs ever. 
  • If I were a kitchen utensil: I would be a whisk because I like to stir things up and get things moving.
  • Your superhero power: Organizing anything and everything
  • Dogs or Cats? Dogs. Doesn’t everyone say dogs?
  • Tea or Coffee? Tea. White with ginger and pear.
  • Mountains or Beaches? Mountains. I am afraid of hurricanes and tsunamis.
  • Mornings or Evenings? Mornings.  I like to think I am getting a head start on everyone else.