Rysa Pitner

Rysa is a 20+-year senior executive that has worked across dozens of functional disciplines across a number of industries.

As the senior business owner for the company’s strategy, marketing and internet initiatives, Rysa was one of the senior executives that helped effect the sale of Synapse Group, Inc. to Time Inc. for over $650 million in 2006. More recently, Rysa served as Chief Marketing and Chief Product Officer with Shopzilla.com and BizRate before leaving to launch her own Internet consumer business in the made-to-order textile space.

The many hats she has through her career affords Rysa the unique insights that come with both business building and surviving in the trenches day-to-day.

Rysa’s talents are best put to work with Notion client projects that require a balance of innovative thinking and effective execution. When a complex project needs a jumpstart, or mountains of information need to be efficiently organized into a plan of action, Rysa is often the first one to the table.

  • If I were a kitchen utensil: I would be a nylon spatula, because the spatula is the “ninja” of the kitchen.
  • Your superhero power: Knowing which of the kids is upstairs rummaging through the pantry by the sound of their footsteps.
  • Dogs or Cats? Cats. Dogs slobber and get excited when you get home whereas cats could care less.
  • Tea or Coffee? Coffee. The stains remind me I’m being productive.
  • Mountains or Beaches? Mountains. Breathing the thin air is as close to “being blonde” as I will ever be.
  • Mornings or Evenings? Evenings, because that’s how long it takes the coffee to kick in.